CryptoHoots 2,500 Generative Steampunk Owl NFTs

3 min readOct 19, 2021

“CryptoHoots are a rowdy crowd of steampunk owls who think the 20th century was a mistake. They live in an alternate timeline within the metaverse where gear-driven gadgets and steam-powered machinery rule the roost. They have no need for electricity. Their blockchain technology uses actual chains and blocks”

Key Points

  • 2,500 Genesis Hoots
  • Traits Randomly Generated on Mint
  • On-Chain DNA
  • Earn Tokens Without Staking
  • Breeding with DNA Inheritance

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A Quick History

CryptoHoots was born one night in the depths of Rocket Pool discord’s #trading channel. It started as a simple discussion on the current NFT market and how cool owls are. Within 15 minutes, the idea turned into what we now know as CryptoHoots with LookingForOwls, RPLgrime, and SilenceDogood committing to the project.

After selling out in 2 minutes, the team kicked development into high gear and focused on the next steps. We deployed the DAOwl within days of launch, and the community started to drive the project’s future direction by voting via Snapshot.

Meet The Team

LookingforOwls: Community and Marketing Manager

CryptoHoots was first imagined in the mind of LookingForOwls. His dream of unleashing a collection of owl NFTs became a reality.

After many long nights managing the team’s socials, marketing, and the Hoot community, it is now his full-time job. You can find him hanging around in our Discord most hours of the day, talking to holders, coming up with wild plans, and submitting new DAOwl proposals for the project.

RPLgrime: Lead Artist

RPLgrime is the man that turned the idea of Hoots into reality — designing hundreds of assets and incorporating team feedback to refine our initial concepts into the dashing Hoots we now love.

His gift of interpreting ambiguous suggestions from the rest of the team and returning refined designs is only matched by his patience.

Silence Dogood: Lead Developer

Professional front-end engineer Silence is responsible for all front-end work, smart contracts, and his masterpiece Shufflemint NFT Studio.

CryptoHoots was the web3 project he was looking for, and he is full-time on the project. His strong dev skills are the foundation of CryptoHoots and the reason for our smooth launch and rapid progress.

Core Goals


We wanted every aspect of our mint to be provably fair. There were no whitelists and no reserved Hoots (even for the devs).

True Randomization

The team leveraged Chainlink VRF for random number generation, and every Hoot was generated on mint. Due to the billions of possible combinations, each Hoot was new and unique even to the team.


Many people look for something more when purchasing NFTs, and we wanted to deliver. Utility usually refers to a token, which we are deploying, but we took it one step further. To create our Hoots, Silence Dogood created a web-based tool to aid in the design and generation.

This tool became Shufflemint NFT Studio, and every Hoot holder will have access. With Shufflemint, we are giving creators an easy way to create their own generative NFT project, and it’s free if you own a hoot. The Hoots team has also set up a Discord channel for Shufflemint support throughout your project.

We will be writing another article covering Shufflemint in the coming weeks but until then, feel free to check out our demo.

Whats Next?

$TWIGS, our ecosystem’s native token, is set for release before the end of October. After that, expect articles covering tokenomics, Shufflemint NFT Studio and breeding.

Updated Roadmap




A generative NFT series of 2,500 stylish steampunk owls.