CryptoHoots Tokenomics

Key Facts


$TWIG Guides

Checking Balances and Claiming From our Webpage

Checking Token Balances via the Smart Contract

  1. Open the Read Contract tab.
  2. Go to getUnclaimedRewardAmount
  3. For _contractAddress (address) enter: 0x5754f44bC96F9F0Fe1a568253452a3F40F5e9F59 for the Steampunk Parliament or 0x196f7e9c5769fc777909a3f1b9bd65959f3f64fb for Alpha Parliament.
  4. For _tokenId (uint256) enter the token ID of the Hoot.
  5. Click Read Contract on the top of the page.

Claiming Tokens via the Smart Contract

Importing $TWIGS into MetaMask


Upcoming Token Shop Items

One Hoot Tree Variant

Next Steps



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A generative NFT series of 2,500 stylish steampunk owls.