December Community Update

3 min readDec 6, 2021


The team has been hard at work so we want to review everything we are working on!


Most of the code used for releasing NFTs is derived from existing projects. Shufflemint is something we have been developing from the ground up and we are not aware of anything comparable currently on the market.

We knew it was ambitious but also see the value and potential it brings to the space. The team is fully focused on this goal and we have partnered with our first community project CryptoChristmaz to help with testing and validation.

This is an exciting step and brings us closer to general release! We are still avoiding strict timelines at the moment but we cant wait to get the full beta out the door and into everyones hands.

For projects that might want additional support with development, art or advising we now have a partnership form that you can fill out here:

This form is not necessary for individuals wanting to use Shufflemint on its own with general community support.

ShuffleDAO Development

Utility is everything in this space and Shufflemint can provide a unique addition to some of the interesting DAO models in the market.

We are working to balance some of the most compelling Defi 2.0 concepts: owned liquidity, and some of the tokenomics with the incoming revenue from our Shufflemint platform.

As projects partner with us, a portion of their mint revenue and/or royalties could be paid directly to the DAO treasury. These funds would be used in ways to improve Shufflemint and the Hoot ecosystem while also rewarding participants.

There is a lot to develop here, but we already have a working group including community members and the team. The key goal is creating a sustainable treasury that benefits everyone.


The art and design of our Baby Hoots is complete. We will be using Shufflemint ourselves for testing and developing the combos so once that is released we should have the combos in a few days. After that, all we need are the contracts and we should be ready to launch.

There is the possibility of a snapshot vote to focus on ShuffleDAO first if the community sees more value there.

One advantage of ShuffleDAO before breeding, is that Baby Hoots could have limited voting rights giving them day 1 utility.

We firmly believe that the upcoming work for breeding is much simpler than Shufflemint due to the mostly standard code and should move much faster.

Twitter Banners

@ROLU has provided some great art for Twitter banners. We plan to make the banners generative so he is working on the unique elements and layers for each scene.

Expect some full pixel art previews in the coming days but here are some of the concept designs.


RPLgrime won a Sandbox alpha pass and is streaming every weekday for the next two weeks in our Discord.

At the same time we now have a #metaverse channel where the community is helping to organize VX asset development and planning.

We are finalizing the style guides and coming up with interesting concepts like the Hoot House shown below.

VX Hoot House Concept Design

How You Can Help

We are looking to talk with anyone that has in-depth experience with DeFi 2.0. Bonus points if you have dev experience.

Are you a builder or VX artist? Let us know or join the discussion in our Discord.




A generative NFT series of 2,500 stylish steampunk owls.